We’ve reactivated the activity at the farm, sadly abandoned because of apparently more important reasons.

Among the few things that we’ve done in recent times, compost was one of the most well-thought out. And while we haven’t given it much attention, since everything we did could be reduced to throwing all organic material inside a container armed with a wire mesh, this has been enough to produce a good amount of compost.

To feel the texture and smell the compost that was once an orange peel, a banana, some eggshells, tomato scraps, etc is worth it.

However, as everybody knows, having a compost at home gets infinity advantages. The most remarkable: reducing the among of garbage in the collection system, and fertilize the ground. Negative points: there is not.


Composting is so good that sometimes I’d like to install a large garbage dump for organic material at home, for my neighbors and me 😱.

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